Woman ‘finished off glass of wine’ as police arrived at early hours car crash

Pic: Merseyside Police

A woman ‘finished off a glass of wine’ as police arrived at the scene of a serious crash in Merseyside.

TWO women have been arrested on suspicion of drink driving after a serious car accident. In the early hours of Sunday morning, police were called to the collision on Lyme Cross Road, in the town of Huyton. A white Mercedes car appeared to have hit a parked blue Ford Focus, with both vehicles sustaining significant damage.

Bottle can be seen in the footwell. Pic: Merseyside police

Police said when they arrived, at around 4.15am, one of the women was ‘finishing off a glass of wine.’

Photographs showed an empty wine bottle in the footwell of the Mercedes’ passenger seat, along with a glass, and what appeared to be a second full bottle of Rosé in a storage compartment, near to the handbrake.


Merseyside Police said they had arrested two women, aged 33 and 35, both from Huyton, on suspicion of unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle and drink driving.

They have both been released and are still under investigation.



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