What’s it Like? The Medical Test Tourists Have to Take When Arriving into Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca

Hot or Not? Your temperature will determine if you must undergo another test. Credit: Twitter @cradlepoint

Travelling in times of the coronavirus has become a strange new experience and this year, tourists entering the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca must first be subjected to a medical test.

IN order to add an extra layer of security when trying to avoid imported cases, the Ministry of Health has devised a simple medical test which will determine whether the person coming into the country shows symptoms or must be isolated.

The first step is the temperature check, this will typically be evaluated through a thermographic camera. You simply step into the frame so they can monitor your temperature and if it is higher than 37.5 degrees you will be evaluated further.

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This second control layer will include another temperature check as well as a clinical and epidemiological health evaluation.

If medics suspect you could have an illness or pose as a risk to public health then the alert protocol will be activated.


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