UPDATE: Spain’s Police Find Abusive Man Who Threw Corrosive Acid on His Own Family

Credit: Mossos d'Esquadra

The Mossos d’Esquara police force in Spain’s Barcelona has successfully found the abusive man who threw corrosive acid over his wife and five-year-old daughter’s face a few days ago.

The man had been missing in action after committing this horrible crime towards his 35-year-old wife and child.

According to news sources, the aggressor had no relationship with the victims up until this last month when he was repeatedly abusing them and threatening to burn her alive.

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Shockingly, the family had reported him to the police 10 different times until he finally took matters into his own hands and threw acid on their faces.

The man used a product typically employed for drain cleaning to corrosively burn the mother of his own child. The child has less severe burns, but the mother is at risk of losing sight in her right eye.

Throwing acid in female’s faces has sadly become a typical tactic of jealous abusers who aim to disfigure women for the rest of their lives.


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