Successful Tourism Pilot in Spain’s Balearic Islands Attracts International Attention Worth Millions

Balearic Islands: Promotional campaign was a success. CREDIT: Hullernuc

The tourism pilot test conducted in Spain’s Balearic Islands has undoubtedly been a great success and so far, it has attracted international press attention worth millions.

Iago Neguerlea, the councillor for Economy, Tourism and Labour in the islands has announced that the campaign has brought in press attention which is equivalent to €35 million.

Neguerlea insists that the results are “better than what he expected” despite the fact that it was cut short by the early opening of borders in the EU.

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This €35 million figure has been reached after international news outlets like the New York Times, Time, and Parisien covered the campaign and some instances the news even made the front page.

Furthermore, there were around 74 reporters from seven different countries including England and Germany present at the campaign. The news is thought to have reached more than 60 million people from the two countries.

Hopefully, the promotional coverage will attract many visitors to the island and help them recover all the tourism they lost during the shutdown of the sector.


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