Spanish police arrest Brit suspected of fatally stabbing his father to death in Tenerife

Manhunt for British man after fellow Briton stabbed to death
MURDER INVESTIGATION: Police are hunting for British man suspected of killing compatriot. CREDIT: Guardia Civil (file pic)

Spanish police have arrested a 30-year-old British man suspected of fatally stabbing his father to death in Tenerife.

THE victim was allegedly stabbed 30 times at his home in Granadilla de Abona.

Just after 10am this morning, the Guardia Civil and Local Police were sent to the home of the suspect’s girlfriend, where he was said to be drinking coffee “with bloody hands.”

Officers went to the victim’s house and found his lifeless body.


The Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil of Southern Tenerife and the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police have taken charge of the investigation.

According to source reports, the victim had suffered “some 30 stab wounds.”


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