Havoc in Costa Blanca Elderly Home as 99-Year-Old Man Stabs His Roommate in Spain

. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

An elderly home in Spain’s Costa Blanca has witnessed the horrific consequences of dementia as a 99-year-old man stabbed his roommate during an outbreak.

The Nuestra Señora del Carmen residence in Costa Blanca’s Valencia witnessed a sad and painful aspect of mental illness when the 99-year-old man suffered an outbreak and stabbed his 80-year-old roommate.

According to local news sources, the victim also suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s and the aggressor presents clear symptoms of dementia.

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Both are admitted to the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, the aggressor has been admitted into the Psychiatry unit and the victim is being treated for his severe wounds.

The incident occurred on Tuesday and nurses quickly called the emergency services after hearing screams and seeing that the attacker would not drop the weapon.

The aggressor had been warning workers at the residence for some days now that the elderly home was going to be bombed and after the attack, he accused his roommate of being responsible for the murder of two Guardia Civil Officers.


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