Euro Weekly News reader’s letters and opinion from the UK and Spain

Bring on the tourists!

Positive reality

DEAR Euro Weekly News,
Ok, I am ready for these tourists, bring them on. We can handle it. It will just be a little bit of a shock to the system as our streets and beaches have been quiet for so long. Hopefully, all it can bring is good news. As a business owner, my family are struggling.

If we cannot bring any money in over the summer we will be out of here come winter. This will be a great shame as the kids are at school here and their friends are here, this is really our home now. However, I am realistic, I know it could all go down the sink.
All we must do is keep pushing on, stay safe and we can all get through this. We are strong enough. Let’s have a successful summer!!!

Gavin Hornsey

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Masks mayhem

Dear Euro Weekly News,

I split my time between the coast where I have an apartment and an inland town where I work. In the hilltop town, absolutely everyone is respecting the restrictions, keeping their distance and using a mask pretty much all the time. Since the start of the pandemic, the town registered not one case of infection.

I came down to the coast this morning and went for a coffee in San Pedro Alcántara. I was appalled at the number of people who were acting as if nothing had changed. Many, many people (mainly ex-pats and/or tourists) were not wearing masks in a crowded street where it was impossible to keep any sort of safe distance. In the coffee house, people were entering and queuing without masks and were jostling together. The tables were not being cleared between customers never mind cleaned and disinfected.

We did not endure three months of strict lockdown to have it all ruined by a casual disregard for others’ health. A complete lack of consideration and respect means there WILL be a second wave and those of us who have abided by the regulations and whose businesses face enormous problems will be the ones to suffer yet again while the uncaring tourists get to fly home.

Kevin Park

Say a prayer

Dear Euro Weekly News,

Should I be worried? I see mentions in the Spanish papers and whispers of infections growing again, are we on our way into another lockdown?

I don’t think I could handle it. Actually, I don’t think Spain could handle it. People would have to just work on through any virus now or there would be economic ruin.

I am not a negative person but I just hope the people who do read this realise that they need to do everything they can to keep this at bay. Am glad I have seen loads of people still wearing masks and staying apart from each other. Can we please, please keep doing that so that soon or next year it will be a distant memory.
For all our sakes.
Fingers crossed

Melanie Wharton


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