Design for new Costa Almeria lighthouse in holiday destination Mojacar in keeping with traditional architecture

CONCEPT: The lighthouse design will take inspiration from local architecture, but not just be an imitation, the Almeria Port Authority said. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

THE design for the new Mojacar lighthouse will be in keeping with traditional local architecture, the Almeria Port Authority (APA) promises.

The construction, which will be located on Marina de la Torre’s Moro Manco hill, will be a “unique building with a Mediterranean aspect which follows the line of existing vernacular architecture, which is characteristic of this region, and especially the historic part of Mojacar, raised up above sea level”, the APA says.

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The port authority also says the aim is for “maximum integration with the environment, with references to the predominant Mediterranean architecture of the area, but without falling into imitation.”

The APA has revealed that because the lighthouse building will be located 200 metres above sea level it will be compact, so it is also visible during the day, rather than tall.

Works are due to start on the lighthouse in the autumn. The idea is that it will replace the Garrucha lighthouse, which the town has now grown around, hence making it less visible.


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