19-Year-Old in Costa del Sol Caught Red Handed Snooping Through Bathers’ Handbags in Beach in Malaga

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Local Police officers in Costa del Sol have caught a 19-year-old red-handed whilst he was snooping through bather’s handbags and stealing from them.

THEY found that the young man was in possession of at least six mobile phones, one of which had previously been reported as stolen.

The incident occurred a few days ago on a famous beach in Costa del Sol’s Malaga, La Malagueta, but thankfully police caught the criminal red-handed whilst they were patrolling along the Antonio Banderas Paseo Maritimo.

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Whilst walking they could see how he would observe bathers and their belongings to take advantage of their carelessness to pick up the bag and take it somewhere to snoop through their belongings.

At the same time as the officers were approaching him, the woman began to shout, “my bag, my bag,” causing the young man to drop the bag in shock. The police were able to recover the stolen goods and return them to their rightful owner.


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