Wildfire season in Spain: common sense steps to reduce fire risks

THREAT: The smallest park can set off a fire which in no time is blazing out of control CREDIT: Jose Maria Gonzalez Fernandez Facebook

SUMMER means wildfire season in Spain.

Andalucia has registered several important blazes in just the last 10 days, one fire in mountains just behind popular Costa Almeria holiday resort Mojacar burning its way through nearly more than 180 hectares in less than 24 hours.

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And as hot air from the Sahara pushes up temperatures this week, and weather forecasters predict another heatwave will start sweeping across much of the south and centre of the country by the weekend, already tinder dry conditions in much of the country mean wildfires are a real risk.

Just the smallest spark at this time of year can set off a fire which in no time at all is blazing out of control. It could be a natural phenomenon like lightning which ignites undergrowth, but in many cases it is mankind’s actions which are the cause.

In the same way that society is doing its bit to prevent a risk of Covid-19 infections, so too can common sense and a feeling of responsibility towards others help reduce the likelihood of wildfires breaking out, and the potential threat to lives and property. For example:

  • Avoid smoking in forests or countryside.
  • Don’t check cigarette butts out a car window onto the roadside.
  • Don’t burn rubbish.
  • Don’t leave or toss flammable materials onto outside ground.
  • If you light a campfire make sure it is well away from trees, grass and leaves and prevent sparks from flying out and triggering a fire.
  • When putting out a campfire make sure it is totally extinguished and cover the area around the fire with earth or stones.
  • Don’t leave any rubbish lying around in the countryside.
  • Don’t let off fireworks or firecrackers near areas which could catch light.
  • Don’t have outdoor barbecues in in the countryside.




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