Residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol Warned: You Will Be Fined if Caught Driving Without an ITV

ITV BACKLOG: Many centres have no appointments until August or September CREDIT:

Residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol have been officially warned by the government, if they are caught driving with an ITV that expired in the ‘new normality’ they will be fined.

THE government initially gave residents a ‘grace period’ or ‘extension’ for those ITVs that had expired during lockdown when many workshops were closed.

The extensions were also for the workshops so that they would not have a hectic backlog of requests as soon as they reopened, many stations do not even have appointments left until August or September.

This lack of availability has put a strain on both the drivers and workshop staff who are scrambling to get the vehicles ready for the ITV.


However, any drivers whose vehicles have had their ITV expire after June 22, the start of the new normality, will be fined if caught driving.


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