Hip hop to jazz – Alicante’s San Juan to host summer of music in the park

2019: Maho Blues Band at "Música a la Plaça". CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de San Juan

A SCHEDULE of music in parks and squares in Alicante’s San Juan has been put together for the summer.

THE project was launched by the council in 2015 to offer alternative cultural spaces and a variety of musical styles, and is subsidised with €5,000 by the Provincial Council of Alicante.

“‘Música a la Plaça’ was created with the aim of creating synergies between the hotel and catering sector and the cultural sector, as well as bringing musical performances closer to the public, and providing an alternative to traditional indoor concerts,” said Councillor for Culture, Esther Donate.

At 9pm on different dates there will be musical offerings of boleros, hip hop, jazz, rock and pop in locations such as the Jardines D. Mestre Sr. Guillermo Ivorra, Parque Municipal, Jardines De Manzaneta, Plaza de la Ordana, Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza Maisonnave.


To find out more about dates and locations, visit: http://santjoandalacant.es/



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