BREAKING NEWS: Brits applications for residency in Spain as EU citizens put on hold!

tarjeta de residencia

It has been reported that Estepona Police have contacted people to inform them that from tomorrow July 1 2020, British citizens will not be able to carry on receiving Spanish Residencias as EU citizens

All appointments booked for the next few days are therefore cancelled.

The police have stated that they do not know as yet what the new process will be, or if it will even be available in Estepona, possibility that travelling to Malaga may be the case.

There is no further information at this time, however we are waiting for confirmation from the British Embassy, and as soon as updates become available, they will be brought to you by us at EWN.


In the meantime, it is being suggested that if you have an appointment in the next few days for your residencia, it would be advisable to contact the police office your booked with to check if your appointment is going to be effected.

Of course the statement has come from the Police in Estepona, and not a government official department therefore we cannot guarantee the breaking story is correct at time of going to press.


  1. Surely, as we are still in the eu until dec31st everything should remain unchanged until we leave the eu, and even then there should be an alternative method of application for residency, it’s not like there hasn’t been time to make alternative arrangements.

    • Rosso, the UK actually left the EU on 31 January 2020, they are in the transition period, essentially the UK and the EU are only ironing out the possibility of a trade deal now. It was agreed and publicised that residents of EU countries would have to change their paperwork depending on how the individual country that they were living in decided to move forward. The arrangements for transition for residents in Spain have been in place for some time now and the new system is starting to come on line now.

  2. So, Mark, why spread this dubious (at best) piece of scare-mongering possible fake news which will only worry a lot of people unnecessarily until you have the facts from the “horse’s mouth ie. the Spanish Governement / British Embassy? Please don’t start going down the usual tabloid route of sensationalist articles just to sell papers.


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