Visitors to Gibraltar from Spain’s Costa del Sol Surprised to See Locals Without Masks

Medical opinion in Spain is wear a mask Credit: Jernej Furman flickr

NOW that the land border between Spain and Gibraltar is open to all, visitors are starting to return, and there is one huge difference between those who live in Gibraltar and those who visit from Spain.

With few exceptions, Spaniards and expatriates living in Spain have become acclimatised to wearing masks whenever in areas where others are present.

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In Gibraltar however, the advice has been to preserve social distancing wherever possible but do not wear masks as they don’t actually help combat Covid-19.

It is now interesting to spot the Spaniard in supermarkets as they stand out like sore thumbs as they wear their masks whilst surrounded by Gibraltarians who don’t.

Both sets of people are acting in accordance with advice received from their governments but the contrast is quite striking.


  1. Right, masks can’t protect you from a viral pandemic because it’s a hoax, covid-19 is fake. Masking is all about compliance and social engineering and nothing to do with ‘keeping you safe’, in fact it’s well known our rulers want to depopulate us, so if the pandemic was real they’d be all too happy for us to die off.


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