Three British tourists arrested after diners brutally attacked at Barcelona restaurant

The thugs were filmed throwing tables and chairs at their victim who was fending them off with a chair credit: Ravaland

After a violent altercation in a Barcelona bar, three British holidaymakers have been arrested by local police

There is a video on social media that shown one man being repeatedly punched in the face before a table is picked up and thrown at the man.

Reports say that the three men were part of a larger group who were refused entry into a taxi because they were too drunk and the driver didn’t want them in his car, the group were out in the El Raval district of the old town and they are said to have started abusing passers by and were throwing bottles at the public, who were in the terrace of a late night bar having a drink.

There was some pushing and shoving which degenerated into an all-out fight which went on for about ten minutes.


Two people required hospital treatment, one for a broken nose, and another for a head injury.

A spokesman for the Mossos d’Esquadra regional police force said: “I can confirm three British tourists have been arrested following an altercation at a bar in Barcelona.

“They were held on suspicion of wounding.



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