Teenager detained in Berja in Spain’s Costa Almeria for physicaL attack on underage girlfriend

INJURED: The girl showed up at the police station to report the assault CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A TEENAGER is under arrest on gender violence charges for physically attacking his underage girlfriend in Berja.

Guardia Civil, working in collaboration with Berja Local Police, went looking for 18-year old A.A. after the girl appeared at the police station to report the assault.

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She had several injuries, which she told police had been caused by her boyfriend.

Officers spotted the young man prowling around the area. He made a run for it, with the officers in hot pursuit. They eventually caught up with the teenage and detained him.

Further Guardia Civil investigations revealed Zaragoza police had put out an official search for the victim due to her disappearance.

As well as informing the judicial authority, the Guardia Civil also dealt with the girl’s mother.


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