Spain’s Murcia Considers Putting Various Areas Back into Lockdown After Experiencing an Outbreak

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Murcia, Spain: Coronavirus outbreak Credit: Shutterstock

The region of Murcia in Spain is currently suffering an outbreak of the coronavirus and its government is considering the option of putting various districts back into lockdown to contain the spread of the virus.

This outbreak of the coronavirus has now affected 32 people and remains active. The cluster of cases originated as a result of three passengers who flew from Bolivia to Spain and now, they have infected individuals in Beniel, Santomera, and Murcia.

The president of the province, Fernando Lopez Miras has affirmed that the outbreak is “very worrying” as the region has experienced a substantial increase in cases. So much so, that the president of the region is considering putting the worst affected areas back into lockdown.

The troubling reality is that, although restrictions have been relaxed, the coronavirus has not. It just a week Spain has recorded more than 1,200 new cases and various outbreaks. However, the Ministry of Health ensures that these are under control and contained.


Once borders open on July 1, the issue of imported cases will be much more frequent and hopefully the mechanisms in place to lower the risk of transmission will act effectively to stop the spread of the coronavirus.


  1. More of this to come. I know the economy of Spain and particularly the coast desperately need a tourusm re-boot, but Sanchez is playing out one helluva gamble relaxing restrictions so soon.


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