Seven-day quarantine for pre-op patients in Murcia region on Spain’s Costa Blanca

PROTOCOL: 7-day quarantine and PCR test prior to operations in Murcia. CREDIT: Wallpaper Flare

Pre-op patients in the Murcia region on Spain’s Costa Blanca will have to quarantine for seven days before entering the operating room.

THEY will also undergo a PCR test to rule out Covid-19, 48 hours before the operation.

In order to guarantee safety measures in the surgical and hospital areas, the Murcia Health Service (SMS) has issued rules and protocols for operations to protect both patients and professionals.

Patients will be notified seven days before the operation date and will have to self-isolate during that time. In addition, 48 hours before entering the operating room, a PCR test will be carried out, and so long as the test proves negative, the operation will go ahead.


In addition, as part of the strategy to reduce delays caused by the pandemic, outpatient consultations will be encouraged with a maximum response time of seven days in the different specialties.

And all the health areas have begun to use a new tool, called Pizarro, which contains all the data on patients, so that it can be determined what kind of consultation should take place with each specific person to speed up their care.


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