Scorching temperature and fire risk warning in Costa Blanca’s Valencia and Murcia regions

HEAT WARNING: High temperature and firest fire warning on Spain's Costa Blanca. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Warning of scorching temperatures and fire risks in Costa Blanca’s Valencia and Murcia regions.

THE Civil Protection and Emergencies Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior is recommending limiting sun exposure and avoiding prolonged physical activity over the next few days.

And the authority is urging the public to be extra vigilant as the risk of forest fire is likely to be higher with the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasting temperatures in excess of 40 degrees until Thursday.

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According to the Aemet, Murcia and Valencia will be “especially affected” on Wednesday, July 1.

The Civil Protection advises limiting exposure to the sun, staying in ventilated places, eating light and regular meals, rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruit and vegetables, and drinking water and liquids frequently.

It also recommends wearing light-coloured clothes that cover most of the body, avoiding prolonged physical exercise during the central hours of the day and taking an interest in the elderly or those who live alone.

With regards to forest fires, the Civil Protection is asking that “attention be paid to the regulations on their prevention.”

It is forbidden to light fires or bonfires in the mountains and surrounding areas and camping should only be done in authorised areas, as these have protective measures against fires in place and are easier to evacuate.

It’s also advised to avoid discarding lit cigarettes and glass bottles which act as a magnifying glass in the sun.

In the event of a fire, call 112 immediately.


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