Police arrest an Argentinian man in Velez-Malaga for defrauding an elderly lady in Spain’s Axarquia

Three withdrawals: The caretaker was the only one with house keys. Credit: Shutterstock

NATIONAL POLICE officers have arrested a 49-year-old man in Velez-Malaga for allegedly defrauding an 87-year-old woman who he was caring for, for the amount of €1,891 by making several withdrawals with her cash card. According to reports, the arrested man, after learning that the woman had suffered a fall, offered to take care of her while she was hospitalised and look after her house, keeping in his possession the keys to the home.

Then, the Argentinian man took advantage of the woman’s absence to get her bank card and make three withdrawals and online purchases.

The investigation began as a result of the complaint by the social worker in charge of the woman who had been the victim.  After the complaint, officers verified that all the actions made in the victim’s bank card had been made during her stay in the hospital and that the only person who had access to the home was the caretaker who had a set of house keys.

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Once fully identified, he was located and arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the fraud.



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