BBC faces ‘difficult decision’ on over-75s’ TV licences, says director-general

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Lord Tony Hall has said that the BBC will have to be sensitive when coming to a decision regarding TV licenses for the over 75s

A difficult decision will have to be made on whether the BBC should further delay the introduction of new TV licensing rules regarding the over 75s, said the outgoing director general of the BBC,

He said that the corporation was set to introduce a means-test to ascertain whether the elderly should pay a license fee, but because of coronavirus the decision has been pushed back.

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“There has been no change in the BBC’s position for months” he said.

Now the decision has been pushed until August 1 this year, because they felt that in the middle of the crisis it would be unfair to make such a decision.

He said:  “It is a difficult decision and I’m sure we will come to a proper and sensitive conclusion.”



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