Will British Pensioners Settling in Europe from 2021 Lose Out Financially?

What will happen in 2021? Credit: Pixabay

EUROPE STREET is an influential website which covers news about British interests in Europe especially with regards to Brexit and how it will affect British citizens in the UK as well as those that live abroad.

It has just published a long article dissecting various statements made by both the European Union and the British Government and suggests that from January 1, 2021, pensioners in particular will receive little in the way of benefits should they decide to leave the UK.

At the moment, those pensioners living in Spain, for example, receive support in the way of healthcare through the S1 scheme, can apply for carer support and are entitled to receive the UK state pension whilst others who are younger are also able to claim unemployment benefits in some cases.


Europe Street however concludes that whilst those currently resident in Spain are covered by the terms of the withdrawal agreement and should not lose any benefits, those who wish to settle abroad from 2021 will only receive the pension from the UK Government.


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