Two officers injured rescuing driver from burning lorry in Costa Blanca’s Valencia

CREDIT: AUGC Trafico Twitter

Two Guardia Civil officers suffered smoke inhalation and burns rescuing a trapped driver from a burning lorry after a crash in Torrent, Valencia.

THE cops and the “seriously injured” driver, were taken to separate hospitals.

The incident occurred on the CV-36 when, for reasons as yet unknown, the lorry overturned and left the road beore bursting into flames.

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Several teams from the Traffic Subsector of Valencia’s Guardia Civil were sent to the scene at about 4.30pm on Saturday, June 27.

On arrival, they found the driver injured and trapped, “in danger of being caught in the flames”, according to police sources.

Faced with the emergency, two Guardia Civil officers entered the vehicle’s cabin and pulled the driver out.

All three were treated at the scene by the Community of Valencia’s Health Emergency Services beore the driver was transferred “in a serious condition” to the General Hospital of Valencia.

The officers were taken to the 9 de Octubre Hospital while teams from the Valencia Provincial Fire Brigade extinguished the fire.

The flames had spread into nearby fields, so the Local Police of Torrent and Alaquàs closed various accesses to the CV-36.

The cause of the crash in being investigated and the driver faces charges for an “alleged crime against road safety”.


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