Speaking out for LGBTI rights on Spain’s Costa Almeria

AIM: LGBTI Pride Day should be “increasingly more fiesta and less demands”, the City Promotion councillor said. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento De Almería Facebook @aytoalm

ALMERIA council has spoken out for LGBTI rights at an act which saw the unfurling of a giant rainbow coloured flag in the city centre.

Staged in front of the School of Arts on Saturday to mark Sunday’s International LGBTI Pride Day, the event included a reading out of a manifesto.

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City Promotion councillor Carlos Sanchez called on all institutions to work together to gain more rights for the LGBTI community and to prevent situations of violence and inequality.

LGBTI Pride Day should be “increasingly more fiesta and less demands”, the councillor said.

Sanchez explained the Covid-19 pandemic had prevented what would have been the third year of an extensive programme of events and a multi-colour parade through the provincial capital’s streets from going ahead, but said that did not make “raising the voice for the rights of the LGTBI community and celebrating diversity less important.”

Saturday’s act had the support of the Almeria provincial council, the Junta de Andalucia and several different organisations.


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