Off-duty Spanish cop in Madrid who saved baby’s life says the pair are now ‘friends forever’

CREDIT: Guardia civil Twitter

An off-duty Spanish cop in Madrid who saved a six-month-old baby’s life says the pair now have a lifelong bond.

THE Guardia Civil officer, Christian Rios, has assured in various social networks that, after the dramatic episode in Leganes, he and little Izan “are now friends forever”.

Rios was enjoying free time with friends in a park when he heard cries for help after Izan had reportedly lost consciousness, according to the Guardia Civil.

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The baby had gone into cardiorespiratory arrest, so the quick-thinking officer immediately gave Izan a heart massage until he began to recover, while waiting for the emergency services.

Sources from the Armed Institute said that, according to the medical assistance, the baby’s condition could have been due to an episode of “sudden infant death”, as the little boy was not suffering from any other condition and was in perfect health.




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