Far-right Vox slams Spain’s Guardia Civil for Twitter switch to rainbow colours to mark International LGTBI Pride Day

SYMBOL: The current Guardia Civil Twitter profile image CREDIT: Guardia Civil Twitter @guardiacivil

THE far-right Vox party has slammed Spain’s Guardia Civil for adopting rainbow colours on its Twitter account to mark International LGBTI Pride Day, today Sunday June 28.

The Guardia Civil profile image currently features the symbol of the force set against a rainbow background, the gesture prompting strong criticism from Vox politicians.

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“There is not an institution which remains safe from the corrupting violence of the totalitarian left”, claimed MEP Hermann Tertsch, also on Twitter.

“This has nothing to do with rights or with homosexuals, but with the attack on the State: the proclamation that its armed bodies are at the service of this government’s ideology”, Tertsch added.

Vox MP for Castellon Alberto Asarta echoed Tertsch’s expressed similar views with his own Tweet.

“I can’t believe it, it has to be a bad dream. The Guardia Civil is for all Spaniards, not a particular collective, whoever they are”, he said.

Asarta went on to make what sounded like a jibe at the sexual orientation of Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

“The cultist in charge of them, who goes dressed in rainbow colours to the Chamber and puts this flag on this calling card. There are not words to define it”, he wrote.

As well as the change to the profile image, the Guardia Civil has been posting tweets over the last day or so in support of the LGBTI community.

“Everyone has the right to live in peace with their feelings”, reads another.


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