COVID-19 Lockdown impacts opening of Barceló Hotels in Spain


The hard impact of the coronavirus for tourism is taking its toll as Grupo Barceló said it will not open some of its hotels until 2021.

Tourism is slowly starting to recover in Spain largely due to the end of the confinement and the beginning of the summer season. Large hotel chains however have suffered enormously from the impact of the pandemic, most of them have had to close practically all of their hotels to face the health crisis.

However, it is accepted that the recovery will be slow, and companies such as Grupo Barceló have recognized that some of their hotels will not resume their activity until the next season of 2021.

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Ceo of Barceló Hotel Group, Raúl González, is sure there will be a total recovery of the Spanish hotel industry but warns:

“It will be necessary to wait, at least, until 2023 or 2024”, he points out that despite the fact that “a gradual movement” is taking place, with a “timid” reactivation of the reserves, “this is light-years from the levels registered in the same months of 2019.

At the moment the company only has about 30% of its hotels open, González remarks that “we will be opening in the coming weeks. There are hotels that we will not open until October and there will be others that we will not open at all. ”

The group has signed an agreement with the AON broker to offer free telemedicine services to its clients so that they can enjoy their stay in complete peace of mind. A first for Barceló Hotel Group in its almost 90 years of history.


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