Andalucía’s President Assures That Outbreak in Costa del Sol is “Under Control and Confined”

CREDIT: Juanma Moreno Facebook @juanmamorenobonilla

The President of the Junta de Andalucia, Juanma Moreno, has assured that the coronavirus outbreak in the Costa del Sol is “under control and confined”.

Since measures have become more relaxed, several outbreaks of the coronavirus have erupted across different regions in Spain.

Andalucia currently has 6 outbreaks, one in Huelva, one in Cadiz, one in Almeria, two in Granada, and the most significant one in Costa del Sol’s Malaga.

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So far, the outbreak which began in a Red Cross Centre in Malaga has resulted in almost 100 confirmed cases of the coronavirus. However, the centre has been closed and is now being closely monitored with contacts being thoroughly traced.

Moreno has assured that the outbreak is “under control and confined” although he agrees that the 89 new cases are “alarming” but that we must be calm as this is a small proportion in comparison to the 8 million inhabitants in Malaga.


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