A Court Forces Cadiz Town Hall In Andalusia To Remove The LGTBQ+ Flag From Its Façade

CONTROVERSIAL BAN: LGBTQ Flag Not Allowed on Public Buildings. CREDIT: Twitter

A court in Cadiz, Andalucia order that the city’s Town Hall remove the LGBTQ+ flag from its façade following a complaint by the Christian Lawyers Association (Abogados Cristianos).

The association considers the act of flying the flag at odds with a rule of the Supreme Court that prevents the presence of non-official flags on the facades of public buildings. The judge concluded that the flag of the LGBTQ+ community is not official and cannot be attributed to the representation of an entire people or nation.

The Town Hall raised the rainbow flag on a fourth temporary mast, along with the three official flags – the Spanish flag, the Andalusian flag, and the Cadiz flag – last Monday, for the Pride Week events and has yet to remove it despite the ruling and assures that before it does, it will review the order and seek legal counsel.


Lorena Garrón, the councillor for the department of Feminism and LGBTQ+ in Cadiz, views the complaint as a clear example that hatred towards the community is still present. “That they were bothered by a flag that symbolizes the diversity and freedom of a historically oppressed community shows that there is still a long way to go”, she said.

The residents of Cadiz plan to contest the order by holding a protest on Monday at 7 pm. The City Council has already announced that it will join the protest and has asked political groups and the rest of the city to join in.


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