WATCH: Spain’s royals thank German tourists for visiting holiday island Mallorca

CHAT: “It’s so importance we give confidence to all the clients”, the King told couple from Cologne. CREDIT: @CasaReal

SPAIN’S King and Queen have personally thanked German tourists for visiting holiday island Mallorca.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia stopped for a chat with a German couple staying in the Rui Concordia hotel in Palma beach resort Arenal on Thursday during a tour of the establishment to find out about the protocols and measures implemented to protect against Covid-19.


The Rui Concordia was one of the hotels which took part in last week’s pilot tourism project, under which German tourists flew to Mallorca and Ibiza on so-called ‘safe travel corridors’ from several German airports before Spain’s international borders were reopened to Schengen area nations and the UK.

Speaking in English, the Royals expressed their gratitude to the couple from Cologne for choosing to stay on the Balearic Island.

The King and Queen asked the German hotel guests when they had arrived and how long they were staying, and were interested to know how they felt about being in Mallorca.

“It’s so important we give confidence to all the clients,” the King told them, adding, “we need a lot of people to make the decision to come.”

“Thank you very much, and welcome to Spain,” the Queen said at the end of their conversation.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia were in Mallorca on Thursday on an official visit on what was the second leg of a series of trips to Spain’s different regions, principally to support business sectors trying to recover from the impact of the crisis and entities working to help people hardest hit by the situation. Most of their Mallorca agenda was orientated around the island’s tourism sector.


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