Torrevieja on Spain’s Costa Blanca marks International LGTBI Pride Day

LGTBI PRIDE DAY: The rainbow flag will fly until Monday, June 29. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja

Torrevieja on Spain’s Costa Blanca is commemorating International LGTBI Pride Day by hanging the rainbow flag on the facade of the Town Hall, which will remain in place until Monday, June 29.

MAYOR Eduardo Dolon said that this year, due to the health pandemic, it has not been possible to carry out activities planned to commemorate Pride Day (June 28).

“So in 2021 a whole series of performances will be programmed, such as concerts and even a commemorative parade.”

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Dolon added: “Likewise, the Department of Education and Equality will work on a programme aimed at the students of Torrevieja’s schools with talks, workshops, etc to raise awareness and educate young people about equality and implement an egalitarian education that will have an impact on their development from a gender perspective.

The Mayor stressed that “the tools of sensitisation and education must be facilitated in order to eradicate from our society any type of demonstration against LGTBI people”.

On behalf of the council, he condemned any form of violence, “both physical and verbal, that has its origin in sexual orientation and gender identity”, and said any equality policies are not possible without the local councils.

“Local Bodies must be provided with sufficient funding to carry out the competences in this matter that will ensure the adequate implementation of all the necessary initiatives to guarantee the effective equality of people,” said Dolon.


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