Latin America’s Covid-19 Fatalities Soars Past 100,000 Mark Accounting for a Fifth of World’s Deaths

Latin America's Covid-19 deaths soar past the 100,000 mark today. CREDIT: Pixabay

Covid-19 deaths in the Latin American region, one of the current epicentres of the coronavirus pandemic, surged past 100,000 fatalities today, according to statistics from World Health Organisation (WHO).

THAT means Latin America now accounts for more than a fifth of the 478,000 global deaths from the disease to date. Brazil has suffered the most fatalities in the region, with 52,645 deaths so far, followed by Mexico (23,377 deaths to date), with both countries now reporting hundreds of coronavirus deaths on a daily basis.

Brazil is the second country in the world with the most deaths from the disease, after the US, as reported. Mexico is the seventh country with the highest number of Covid-19 deaths after Spain. Deaths from the disease in other parts of the region – in countries such as Peru (with 8,404 fatalities), Chile (4,731) and Ecuador (4,309) – are also rocketing.

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Head of the WHO’s Emergencies Programme Dr Mike Ryan confirmed that the pandemic for many countries in Central and South America is “still intense” as the pandemic “has not peaked there yet.” According to Ryan, many countries in the region have experienced “25-50 per cent increases in cases” in the last week alone. “I would characterise the situation as still evolving, not having reached its peak yet, and likely to result in sustained numbers of cases and deaths in the coming weeks,” he stated, as reported.


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