Latest News from Nicola Sturgeon’s daily briefing on Covid in Scotland, No new deaths from the virus in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland Credit - flickr

No new deaths from Covid-19 in Scotland.

“UNLESS medical reasons prevent it wear a face covering indoors.” That is just one of the statements made just minutes ago by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on shops reopening.

During today’s daily briefing at Holyrood (Scotland’s Parliament Building), the leader of the SNP (Scottish National Party), laid out more planned lockdown easing measures.

Visits to care homes in Scotland for the first time in three months will be allowed from July 3, easing worries from the families of those who are living in care homes across the country, and sending a beacon of hope to those who live in them.


Ms Sturgeon also informed the parliament of the latest figures in Scotland which are:

Deaths 2,482, that’s zero increase since yesterday.

Infections 18,213 (plus 17 since yesterday).

Hospitalisations 823 (minus three since yesterday).

ICU patients 17, (down one since yesterday),

Patients discharged since March 5 : 4,042.

She also issued a warning to the general public on mass gatherings, after a brawl had occurred in an area of Edinburgh called the Meadows, and in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park police had to disperse hundreds of people who had gathered there ignoring social distancing rules, whilst enjoying the fantastic weather.

“Crowded places are a big risk… The virus has not gone away and it will not go of its own accord – and there are plenty parts of the world where it is still on the rise and there are some parts of the world where it is unfortunately on the rise again as societies and economies open up,” said Nicola Sturgeon.

She said: “I understand the need and want to enjoy the good weather, however you must please follow the rules and don’t jeopardise our progress, follow the rules, they are for your own protection, and the protection of our loved ones, if you continue to put our lives at risk by ignoring the rules, then we may have to rethink the immediate future,” she finished by thanking the Scottish Police for “Helping keeping us safe.”

The First Minister went on to praise the retailers throughout Scotland who have been implementing the safety measures suggested by government to protect the staff and the public, she said: “I have seen for myself the kind of precautions the shops are putting in place.”

With that in mind she laid out some suggestions for local people to help protect them whilst shopping.

If you have any symptoms whatsoever, no matter how small, please do not go shopping.

Shop locally, and use a five-mile (8km) travel limit as a guide and please don’t travel further than necessary. Shop on your own or in as small a group as possible, and avoid peak times.

When you do go shopping wear a face mask unless you have a medical condition which prevents you from doing so.

Only visit shops that have infection control measures in place and use hand sanitiser.

When shopping remember that with all these measures in place the staff may take a little longer than normal to see to your needs, please respect that and stay calm and polite.


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