Firefighters avert ‘serious consequences’ after forest fire on the Costa Blanca

FOREST FIRE: Firefighters fought the flames for three ohurs to avoid 'serious consequences'. CREDIT: Pxfuel

Firefighters prevented ‘serious consequences’ after a forest fire broke out in Los Montesinos on the Costa Blanca.

THREE hectares of scrub were destroyed as firefighters battled the flames for three hours, pulling in air and ground resources.

But, according to the Provincial Consortium, there could have been “serious consequences” as the blaze started close to a number of greenhouses and an urbanisation.

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Emergency services were alerted to the fire at 11am yesterday, with sources claiming “the high flammability of the terrain facilitated the spread of the fire.”

The forest brigade of Guardamar del Segura and the full complement of firefighters of Torrevieja were on the scene, along with Local Police officers from Los Montesinos.

Early investigations suggest the blaze started after the burning of vegetation got out of control.

A spokesperson said “the fire was on the verge of burning several greenhouses, although the rapid intervention of the firemen prevented it.”

It was added that “there is also an urbanisation in the vicinity of the accident area, although it was not necessary to evacuate as the flames were far from the inhabited area and the firemen managed to control the fire.”


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