Costa Blanca’s Elche paves the way for new school

TEMPORARY SITE: The plot will house prefabricated classrooms in the interim. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Elche

Costa Blanca’s Elche has paved the way for a new school, preparing a site for temporary classrooms while building takes place.

A 5,000 sqm plot has been paved to house the prefabricated classrooms of the La Paz School in Torrellano, so that the old facility can be knocked down and a new one built on the same site.

Students will move into the temporary site at the end of the year, when the construction of the new school, which will house 340 students, is expected to start.

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The new bulding will have 12 primary classrooms, six infant classrooms, a library, dining room and a computer room in response to calls for improvements from Torrellano’s educational community.

Mayor Carlos González said after its temporary use as an educational centre, the council intends to use the fabricated plot as a multipurpose centre for sporting and cultural activities in the district.

President of the AMPA at La Paz School, Juan Carlos Mojica, assured “they are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

He added: “It has been very difficult to reach this point of adaptation of the site, which has been very fast and it is hoped all actions will continue at a good pace.”



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