Brits in Spain Unimpressed with the UK’s Packed Beaches and Hope They Don’t Do the Same in Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca

BOURNEMOUTH'S BEACHES: Packed to the brim. Credit: Twitter @teresanevado

British expats in Spain are rather unimpressed after seeing the images of packed beaches in the UK’s Bournemouth where hundreds of beachgoers were enjoying the sunshine with no regard for social distancing rules.

EXPATS are now worried that these Brits will be just as irresponsible when they arrive in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca. The lack of restrictions in the UK and police monitoring in spaces such as the beach, makes residents in Spain worry that tourists will bring both the coronavirus and their irresponsible behaviour to the coasts of Spain.

One user on Twitter @teresanevado was shocked to see the beaches in Bournemouth packed to the brim and even remarked, that “this is not a beach on the Costa del Sol, this is a beach in the southern coast of England.”

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Ali-Zartash-Lloyd, a UK expat in Spain, has tweeted that the Costa del Sol should “take note” when looking at the busy beaches in the UK, as this will happen in Spain when “UK tourists return this summer.”

He argues that the opening of “Spanish borders” is “pure madness” and will ensure a “second wave” of the coronavirus this “autumn.”


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