Amazon’s ‘The Handmade Tour’ gives people a chance to rediscover Spain in areas including Axarquia

Local artisans Lilian Urquieta and IñakiI Credit: Ayto de Almuñecar

THE firm Lilian Urquieta, from La Herradura, has been selected by the distribution company Amazon to be part of ‘The Handmade Tour.’ A whole ‘showcase’ to rediscover Spain, of which only six national firms are part, on a journey through some of the most precious places in Spanish geography by local artisans.

For this, in addition to personal testimonies, workshops and products, as well as its natural environment … the promotional initiative is added to the photographs and portraits captured by the objective of the prestigious photographer Paco Marín.

The Handmade Tour tries to allow customers to get to know or rediscover a little more closely some of the selected local artisans, in this case, Lilian Urquieta, and their products that are currently part of Amazon Handmade.

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The firm Lilian Urquieta, made up of Lilian and Iñaki herself, began its journey in 2008 in a small store in La Herradura. Today it is a nationally recognised firm and proof of this comes, among others, in this recognition.


In addition to Lilian Urquieta’s Herradurean signature, The Handmade Tour stops at places such as Avilés (Asturias), A Coruña, El Campello (Alicante), Anglès (Girona) and Villasana de Mena (Burgos). In all of them, customers will be able to get to know a little more closely some of the local artisans and their products that are currently part of Amazon Handmade.

With The Handmade Tour, Amazon aims to boost local crafts and commerce. “At Amazon, we invest millions of dollars every year to help small businesses around the world. We are committed to empowering artisans, sharing their products and telling their personal stories. We celebrate each of the different manufacturing techniques used by artisans, from traditional to modern, ”explains Katie Harnetiaux, Global Head of Amazon Handmade.


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