Six Stowaways Discovered in Lorry Full of Scrap Metal in Spain’s Enclave in Morocco

One of the six stowaways discovered Credit: Guardia Civil

THE port in the Spanish enclave of Melilla is under constant surveillance by officers of the Guardia Civil instructed to stop migrants from smuggling themselves onto lorries due to catch ferries to the mainland.

As a matter of course, they sweep each lorry with a heartbeat detector and when it reacted positively when they were checking a lorry full of bulk scrap metal, they brought in a canine patrol with a dog that could detect people.

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It immediately started barking furiously to indicate a discovery but the officers were then faced with the painstaking and potentially dangerous job of moving the scrap metal piece by piece to try to find the stowaways.

In the end, they discovered four adults and two children, who were assisted out of their hiding places and found to be undocumented but all were in good health.


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