OUR VIEW: Euro Weekly News’ opinion on news in Spain and the UK

Temperature checks at airport.

Strict protocol

IN the street you can trust yourself to wear a mask, cross the road, go back indoors if people refuse to follow social distancing measures but what do you do if you are stuck in a 130 ft long metal tube going at 575 mph through the sky? There’s nowhere to run.

As the first passenger’s step of flights both in the UK and in Spain there seem to be different sides of the story.

One gentleman spoke of no checks on the UK side and a free for all on board the plane where passengers were not allowed to space out and chose to remove masks when they settled in.

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Another traveller tells of flying into Stansted on a flight where passengers were spaced out, wearing masks and temperature checked upon arrival.

Both were with the same low-cost airline…Ryanair.

With many people who have been stuck in Spain waiting to see their family for the first time in months and sun-worshippers with sights set on the coastal beaches, we would hope EVERY single flight would follow a strict protocol to ensure the safety in both countries and the stop of any spread of infection.

So, what is the excuse? Laziness? Or maybe lack of training for staff?

If you board a flight and passengers are not following measures you know are strictly important who can you turn to? The passenger themselves may not listen to reason (people don’t often take kindly to being told what to do), the air staff would hopefully be the main choice and keeping an eye on this as a priority or will we see frustrated captains turning back?

For your own peace of mind always remember to look after number one, flights are never really the healthiest of places anyway so, keep your mask on, wear gloves, use hand sanitizer and try as best you can to keep your distance. Wash those travelling clothes as soon as you can. But remember it still continues when you hit the ground, for now, let’s all stay safe.


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