It’s been another very busy week however I have to say that thanks to my new #ZeroHero team I’ve managed to spend a day on the beach with my family!

I think too many of us take on too much and many of us realised during lockdown that we didn’t want to go back to such a stressful agenda. Easier said than done. Hopefully, however, with a conscientious effort, we can at least learn to pace ourselves a little better and do our best to only do the things we really like and with the people we like. This is why, instead of using an online service with unknown people for our new #ZeroHero promos, I thought it would be more fun to get some of Marbella’s resident community to take part in the recording, as well as the advice and support of Elendil– the owner of Rio Padron Recording Studios.

Thank heavens,as it’s actually not as easy as I’d thought. Fortunately, Elendil calmly guided us through all the steps and all the repetitions, encouraging us all the way. He also adjusted the videos to fit the length of the text and added such cool background sound effects that I have to say the end result is so very professional it’s hard to believe that it’s “home-made”. There was a moment of panic when one of my “voices” cancelled at the last minute, but thanks to my son-in-law, the day was saved as he stood in for one of the recordings and certainly “did me proud” (as always)!

Another great aspect for local performers and aspiring artists, is the rehearsal room; fully equipped and soundproofed for just 7.50€ an hour so just contact Elendil Diez for further details It could also be a great way to keep your teens entertained during the long summer months! The studio is a great place to hang out and now they’ve also started online streaming of live bands “Jam Padron” sessions. During lockdown, they came up with the idea and the incentive that has really taken off with some outstanding performances by local bands.

So a shout out to all you budding stars, get involved quickly so the world can hear your music and if you just want to watch, tickets are available from or contact Elendil. We are lucky to have such a set up in our community– I just hope we appreciate how lucky we really are!

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