Enough is Enough say Residents of Costa del Sol Town who Have Waited 20 Years for New Health Centre

Outside the abandoned new Health Centre Credit: San Pedro Quiere Su Centro de Salud Facebook

RESIDENTS in San Pedro Alcantara are literally taking to the streets to complain about the lack of action in the on/off affair of the new Health Centre in the town.

The old centre is an unpleasant building which looks as if it would fit into a third world scenario and it has unfortunately suffered from violence on more than one occasion although the staff who work there are dedicated and do their best under difficult circumstances.

So frustrated are residents with the Marbella Council and the Junta de Andalucia that they have formed their own pressure group and have circulated special posters saying San Pedro Quiere Su Centro de Salud (San Pedro wants its Health Centre).


These are now being displayed in a number of shops around the town and their Facebook page which has only been in existence since June 20 carries pictures of 130 people either holding the poster or placing it in their shops.

There has been the skeleton of a new building in place for several years but work has stopped and started depending upon, it would appear, of the political complexion of both the Marbella Council and the Junta.

There is a large and not overly affluent section of the San Pedro community who cannot afford private doctors and as the Costa del Sol Hospital is some 20 kilometres distant, the need for good quality local emergency services is clear.


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