Costa Almeria council in Adra calls on Spain’s government for extraordinary funding to deal with crisis created by C0vid-19

DEMAND: “We need more resources to continue providing an effective response to the needs which arise in our town”, maintained Municipal Government spokesman Jose Crespo. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA Council has called on the Spanish government to provide extraordinary funding to deal with the health, social and economic crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The proposal to put forward the request got the go-ahead at the last council plenary meeting, with the backing of the Popular Party, Ciudadanos, Vox and Plataforma, while the Socialist Party councillors abstained.

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“As the administration closest to residents during this period of the State of Alarm we have made a great effort, mobilising a large amount of resources, especially to help the most vulnerable collectives and to deal with the jobs of disinfection, safety and putting into action prevention measures,” commented Municipal Government spokesman Jose Crespo.

He pointed out that at the same time the local authority had suspended the collection of local taxes “to mitigate the financial pressure on our town’s families and small businesses at this difficult time.”

The spokesman said Adra Council has therefore asked the national government to show “sensitivity” towards local authorities because “we need more resources to continue providing an effective response to the needs which arise in our town.”

Specifically the Adra request urges Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s administration to activate a €40,000 million fund so local administrations can move forward on economic reactivation and avoid social collapse. It also calls for an advance on the participation in State taxes and a €5,000 million fund for direct assistance.

In addition, Adra wants more resources to increase food assistance through municipal Social Services, having already planned €350,000 of its own funds to meet the needs of the most vulnerable families.

A further request, which the council unanimously approved, is for national government to provide the local administration with “sufficient resources” to manage and process the Minimum Vital Income, whether in the form of personnel or funds, “to be able to speed up this assistance aimed at the most vulnerable families.”


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