Village Council near Spain’s Marbella Bans Visitors from Local Beauty and Bathing Spot

Access banned Credit: Benahavis Council

THE Benahavis Council has issued a notice forbidding anyone resident or visitor from swimming or even going to the popular area known as Las Angosturas which has in the past attracted many people especially at weekends.

Citing a report issued by the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations, the Benahavis Council states “The survival of SARS-CoV-2 in water from rivers, lakes, pools of freshwater and untreated water may be greater than that produced in pools and salt water, and therefore precautionary measures should be taken to avoid agglomeration, these being the most inadvisable aquatic environments in relation to other alternatives, especially small pools where dilution is less effective.”

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To this end therefore the area along the Rio Guadalmina from Benahavis down is considered to be out of bounds.


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