Tragic Drowning in Spain’s Gijon as a Teen Loses His Life Whilst Trying to Rescue His Girlfriend

Tragic Accident: Drowning at San Lorenzo Beach. Credit: Twitter @Mi_ingles

This morning, the National Police in Spain’s Gijon has recovered the lifeless body of a 19-year-old who drowned whilst trying to rescue his girlfriend.

The young man was washed away by the strong currents in the San Lorenzo beach in Gijon when he tried to save his girlfriend from downing.

This tragic accident occurred when the couple went into the water despite the fact that there was a yellow warning flag at the beach.

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The young man was trying to help his 16-year-old girlfriend who was in distress, but he was unsuccessful and ended up being swept away by the current. His body was recovered by the rescue services nine hours later.

The beach rescue team raised the alarm when they saw the couple struggling with the tide, they first went to rescue the young girl who was near the staircase of the beach. However, they were too late to help the young man who had been swept away.


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