Ten Members of the Same Family Arrested In Money Laundering and Drugs Raid

BUSTED: Police raid marijuana farms in Granada Credit: Guardia Civil

TEN members of the same family have been arrested by Spanish police in Granada in connection with money laundering and drug trafficking.

Guardia Civil seized 21 properties worth €1 million euros, more than €81,000 in cash, four luxury cars, a gun, 1,980 marijuana plants and a horse in 18 raids carried out in Pino Puente and Fuente Vaqueros in the Granada region.

Police also uncovered 17 bank accounts and several properties being used as marijuana farms after targeting 16 properties in Pino Puente and two in Fuente Vaqueros.

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DRUG FARMS: Police removing bags of marijuana Credit: Guardia Civil

The family criminal gang are alleged to have bought properties in the region with money from drugs sales. They have also set up a leisure facility in Pino Puente through which they allegedly laundered money.

Guardia Civil have said the case remains open and there could be further arrests.


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