Taxi Driver in Costa del Sol Who Shot at Pictures of Spain’s PM, Sanchez, Says it Was Just a Joke

Hate Crime: Man in Malaga Says it Was 'Just a Joke' Credit: Twitter @PabloIglesias

A taxi driver from the Costa del Sol who went viral last week for shooting at pictures of the heads of state with a shotgun has defended himself by saying that it was just a joke.

Police launched an investigation against this man after a video went viral on twitter. This video shows how he practices at a shooting range with pictures of Pedro Sanchez, Pablo Iglesias and other heads of state.

Both the National Police and the Guardia opened an official investigation that led them to the shooting gallery in Malaga. The culprit was identified as an ex-military man turned taxi driver, who according to his statement, was testing the weapon because he wanted to get a shotgun license.

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\He was arrested for threatening state institutions and not having a gun license. He also had a police record in relation to domestic abuse.

He showed repent and apologised to anyone who may have been offended by the video as it was not his intention to broadcast the video.

According to the man, it was “all a joke” and he only sent the video to a few friends, three weeks later he discovered his video was in WhatsApp groups across the country.


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