Squatter Feud: 13 Years for Trying to Murder a Fellow Squatter and Set Her On Fire in Costa del Sol’s Malaga

SQUATTER FUED: Man sentenced to 13 years for trying to set a fellow squatter on fire. Photo: Rafarelius

A man has been sentenced to 13 years of jail time after he tried to kill a squatter by setting fire to her room in a building in Costa del Sol’s Malaga.

The incident occurred in August of 2018, in a block of flats on Calle Salitre, a building occupied entirely by squatters. The man who has just been sentenced was also squatting in the building, who invited the victim to sleep in his room whilst he worked in the feria.

That same night, the woman went back to her room, however, she was afraid because they had just had a heated argument.

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In court, she explains that he insulted her and threatened and said he would light her on fire, that’s why she locked herself in the room.

At around 11:30 p.m. the man came back shouting and threatening to kill her, whilst trying to open the door to his room.

Moments later he used a lighter to set fire to the bottom of the door which quickly spread to the rest of the room as he must have used some type of accelerant.

She luckily managed to escape as another squatter carried her out to safety and put out the fire. However, she suffered from second and third-degree burns.


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