Spain could take a step back and restrict foreign tourist entry if new Covid-19 cases rise

REMINDER: The Spanish and German foreign ministers called on tourists to behave responsibly to avoid having to take a step backwards CREDIT: Arancha Gonzalez Twitter @AranchaGlezLaya

SPAIN could take a step backwards and restrict the entry of foreign tourists in the event the number of new cases of Covid-19 reaches 50 a week per 100,000 inhabitants.

Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya confirmed this would be a possibility after her German counterpart Heiko Maas said the two had discussed from what point in terms of infection rates it would be necessary for the governments to intervene.

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Speaking at a joint press briefing in Valencia on Tuesday following a meeting between the two ministers, Maas stressed however that every effort would be made to avoid this, pointing out that Germany had wanted to resume travel to Spain as soon as the State of Alarm was lifted.

He pointed out that Spain had taken “very drastic” measures, and kept them in place for a long period.

“Tourism this summer will be different this summer, but it will be a tourism which complies with all the guarantees,” he said, adding he trusted that Germans who want to holiday in Spain will behave responsibly.

Laya also called on tourists to show responsibility to ensure it won’t be necessary to “take such drastic measures as in the past.”

She made it clear that zero risk from Covid-19 does not exist.

“While there is neither treatment nor a vaccine, we have to live with the virus and minimise the impact for tourist and residents,” she stressed.


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