No Americans or Russians in Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca This Summer as the EU May Exclude Them from Travel List

Americans and Russians: Could be denied entry to the EU if coronavirus crisis in their countries progresses.Credit Twitter:@MARBELLATURISMO

There may be no Americans or Russians vacationing in Spain’s Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca this summer as the EU is working towards creating a ‘safe travel’ list which may not include them.

As Spain prepares to welcome back tourists and open borders on July 1, the European Member States are working together to create a list of safe countries which may be allowed to travel back and forth from the EU.

However, given the dire state of the coronavirus crisis in Brazil, the United States, and Russia, these three countries may be denied access into the EU.

This decision is based on figures such as a high number of cases and lack of restrictions and prospects on reducing the disease in their county.


This will be economically troubling for Spain as Americans and Russians are two international tourist markets who like to come and spend their money on Spanish soil.

This is especially true for the Costa del Sol who has created a tight-knit relationship with the new super-wealthy generation of Russians who typically like to spend their time and money in Marbella.


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