Mojacar lighthouse could be sending out signals to ships on Spain’s Costa Almeria by early next year

PLANS: The Port Authority is aiming to start construction of the lighthouse in Marina de la Torre in the auturm CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

A NEW lighthouse in Costa Almeria holiday destination Mojacar Playa could be sending out signals to ships sailing along the province’s Levante coast by early next year.

Almeria Port Authority (APA) President Jesus Caicedo has told Mojacar mayor Rosa Maria Cano the intention is to start construction of the lighthouse on Marina de la Torre’s Moro Manco hill in the autumn and for it to be operational within the first few months of 2021.

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Architect Alfonso Mortilla explained details of the project at this week’s meeting, which was also attended by APA Director Juan Manuel Reyes and by the Director of Planning Antonio Bayo.

CREDIT: Puerto de Almeria Twitter @puertoalmeria

As well as the construction of the lighthouse itself on a 221 square metre plot ceded by Mojacar Council and works on a road leading up to it, the €300,000 APA project includes the creation of a viewing point and surrounding gardens.

Jesus Caicedo thanked Mojacar Council for its collaboration on the initiative and for “supporting a project which will improve the maritime signals systems on the Levante coast of the province, and therefore the safety of ships and sailors.”


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